Week #11(A special week)

A blog post by Eerik Hannus

Before you start reading what I´m doing right now instead of going to school like “normal” young people, I want to set some things straight. In my introduction, I said I will start from the beginning.

The beginning meant 2. July, the day I joined the military. I have figured out in the last 2 weeks that instead of going back in time, my mind wandered around the present. I couldn´t wait a month or two to share what I´m doing at the moment. 

So, instead of beginning from the start, I´m starting from the present. That way you get the most authentic and fresh emotions and information from this blog. I know that way a lot of things will be confusing as I have not explained the content of everything yet.

But what I promise is that I will try to explain everything on the go and I´m sure you will get the hang of it sooner or later. 

(PS! We are not allowed to take pictures and video there so most of my pictures will be stock photos for now. I hope I can start sharing my own pictures with you as soon as possible!)

Enjoy reading!



#Day 73 (12.09.2018)

– Wow, it´s already my 73rd day here. Well, I mean in Tapa, not exactly where I am right now. Right now I´m in my almost dry sleeping bag in the middle of an old military basement.

I am under my small tent and have my eyes set towards the sky. I would be lying if I said the sky is beautiful and full of stars. It´s not. It´s cloudy and dark, probably going to rain tonight and there´s nothing I can do about it. Well, it´s not the most difficult thing I have had to experience today.

Today was an excitive day because we had a blasting course. That meant we got to blow some stuff up!  It took us time to set everything up (learn everything, in theory, go through safety measures), but when I got the explosive stuff into my hands, I can´t say I wasn´t excited!

Everything went well and the explosion wasn´t as big as I imagined. Today I got only the basic course but during our training later this year we should be blowing up about 600 kg of explosive! That will be awesome.

After that, we practised how to give orders and had some theoretical stuff and after everything was done we moved to a new place – an old military encampment and set our small tents up. –

That´s where my diary ends because at that time my squad was called out by our lieutenant. Despite that interruption, I still had a great night because I didn´t have to patrol that night and I got about 6 hours full of sleep! 


 It´s cloudy and dark, probably going to rain tonight and there´s nothing I can do about it. Well, it´s not the most difficult thing I have had to experience today.

#Day 74 (13.09.2018)

– Last day this week in the forest. Because we were in an old military encampment, today’s training is about battles in the city. So we learn how to “open” windows, doors and how to safely get close to buildings. 

It is said that city battles are the hardest (both physically and strategically) place to fight, especially when attacking. So we have a lot to learn. –

And a lot we learned. After that, we had a lesson about triage (and battle medicine) and we played out a few sample situations. It was tremendously fun – as fun as playing a dead or injured soldier can be. I got to play a guy who had another guy´s leg on his face.

When the medics arrived I was treated nicely and dragged next to others injured soldiers. As I said, fun. With that our week outside Tapa ended and we got back to our barracks. 

The weeks in the forest get easier every time I´m there. I´m finally getting used to them.

I remember the first time we went to the forest – It was the worst! The training is harder, we get less sleep and we can´t properly wash for 3-4 days straight. But the worst things are the dry food packs. The food there is nowhere close to edible and the amounts are so small that hunger is a constant feeling.

The situation is still similar but because I know what´s coming I have prepared my mindset and that helps me get through them. And what motivates the most is the fact that at least this month I get to go back to my home for the weekends. 

But back to today´s diary: 

– When we arrived back at our barracks we had some amazing news. Our broken sauna was fixed! What´s better than having a hot sauna after 4 days in the forest, right? –

#Day 75 (14.09.2018)

Actually happened yesterday night, but fits today’s topic – I had my hair cut by my roommate. New year, new me, right? Today is my birthday! 

And it was a crazy day – Because it is Friday we got to go home. Everybody cleaned the barracks as fast as we could and we got released about 4 p.m. and I made it to Pärnu by 7 p.m. A lot of stuff happened tonight but I will try to keep it short: 

Firstly a band of my friends (Howling Sky)  was performing in an old-school center for its birthday so I went there to show support and got a shoutout for my birthday as well!

The place even offered birthday cake so even though it wasn´t my birthday cake I got my mouth full of it. 

Then I went on to have some snacks with my friends to catch up with each other´s lives and recall old times.  The night was already a success, but I had one more place to visit.

There were a beer and boardgame night in our local co-working space (Forwardspace) that I also used as my office. 

When I arrived there I had a nice surprise from my “co-workers”/ friends and got a nice present from them – A shirt and a bag with our firm´s logo. Then we played some poker and card games and I chilled there till it was over midnight. –

Somewhere between playing poker and just chilling I started writing this blog post.

#Day 76 (15.09.2018)

Summaries: It has been a very fun week. Today I´ sitting in Forwardspace and finishing this post and also meeting a ton of friends. I haven´t had so much free time last months (as you would imagine)  so I have a lot of catching up to do! 

Tomorrow I will go back to the military encampment and on Monday back to the forest for some new adventures. I´m sure I will find something to write about from there.

This is all from me this time. I have 2 more weeks in the forest left and after that, I have more time to share everything I have done. 

I would be very grateful for your feedback, whether it is positive or negative. This blog is a journey and my goal is to develop during it.

See you in late September/October!