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Welcome! I am Eerik Hannus and I used to live (will explain in a minute) in Estonia, Pärnu. I am 18 years old and I graduated high school 3 months ago. I am a young activist. I have managed several different youth projects, started a successful charity event and lead a local NPO (a nonprofit organization). I have received recognition for a wide variety of things and got selected as the young activist of the year in Pärnu 2018.

Why am I starting a blog? Although I did several interesting things before, my life has never been so fast-paced and extreme as right now. So what am I doing? The answer is …

First blog post!

I am so grateful I can finally publish my first post! This one will be talking about my week in the forest and adventures in my hometown Pärnu. Believe me, there´s stuff to read because this week is very special for me.

Blog post #2! - The "stress day"

At first, I was weirdly excited about our unexpected mission. What I didn´t know was that during our journey we had to walk through a river. Now, everyone from Estonia knows that crossing a river in late September usually isn´t much fun. The degree was about + 5 – C. But I won´t jump ahead of myself.

This blog is about my daily life in the Estonian military.  Some posts will include training in the forest and taking up new challenges, some will be about me and my co-fighters laughing our asses off. 

This blog surely offers something for a huge variety of people and I am sure that each and every one of you will get your piece of the cake 😉

Thank you for joining this journey!

Eerik Hannus